Control Air Quality with Electric Vehicles

According to a report, India is listed among the top 10 polluted countries in the world. Additionally, there are some other challenges too for the country such as unemployment, low production rate, rising inflation, lack of infrastructure and more. Among them, pollution is one of the major problems that has affected the health of the citizens of the nation. Due to pollution, some serious health issues are noticed which seek attention and remedies.

According to the Air Quality Index, the air quality is measured on the basis of eight pollutants such as PM 10, PM 2.5, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Ammonia, and Lead. The air quality is measured under six categories and is decided on the basis of concentration values of air pollutants. The rising numbers indicate the bad air quality that affects the health of the people. In India, most of the areas are noticed with bad air quality.

Generally, the air quality is deteriorated due to the emission of smoke from the vehicles. The number of vehicles is in excess on the road which must be limited. All these vehicles run on fuel which is the main cause of pollution. With the increasing number of vehicles, there is an increase in health issues suffered by the people. To control pollution and avoid health issues, certain effective measures are to be taken immediately. To make a better environment, some measures must be taken by the government. In addition, people can also be made to follow some rules.

One of the best measures is to run battery operated vehicles in India. Especially, the public vehicles that cause a lot of smoke can be replaced with the battery operated vehicles. In rural as well as urban areas, electric vehicles can be used for traveling shorter distances. There are some companies that have offered reliable electric vehicles. Some of these vehicles are designed for carrying the passengers and some are designed for transferring the goods.

The electric vehicles run on battery and do not emit any smoke. Thus, they do not cause any harm to the environment. The electric vehicles are quite comfortable and can run at a good speed. They are small in shape and thus can travel in narrow areas. Moreover, the vehicles do not require big turning radius or large parking. Above all, they are one of the cheapest modes of transport.

The electric vehicles are available in different forms such as e-rickshaw, e-loader, e-vending cart, and e-garbage van. The leading electric vehicles manufacturers in India provide these vehicles at reasonable prices. The vehicles can be entrusted as the best solution to meet the transportation requirements of the passengers in rural as well as urban areas. The vehicles are highly durable and have a long service life. They can be purchased at low cost and do not require high maintenance cost. Thus, electric vehicles are the best solution for controlling pollution. Besides this, the needs of the passengers can also be matched easily.

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