Easy Payment for Online Food Shopping with Sodexo Meal Card

Sodexo Meal Card

There are times when you are at the office at an odd hour and have to submit all the projects as soon as possible, but what’s that one thing that keeps you sane and provides comfort during such high-pressure time? Food, that’s right! It has the power to change your mood in a jiffy. When you are in office, you tend to spend a portion of your salary on food.

At times you won’t even realize, but, something as basic as grocery and food spending can eat into your monthly budgets. Hence, getting a portion of your salary as a meal allowance can exempt you from the tax bracket. Moreover, one thing that many companies are trying to achieve is to make interactions with their customers as easy as possible and to make that a reality, payment options plays a considerable part. A company that has already made this possible is Sodexo.
Sodexo adopted the digital approach replacing the great paper voucher, as RBI declared that Sodexo and other companies must go digital. However, even before the RBI’s mandate, many startups had already started experimenting in this tangent, with the primary focus on becoming the new age Sodexo replacement. But on its part, Sodexo itself partnered with one such company – Zeta – to add various digital solutions to its offerings.

Suvodeep Das, Vice President of Sodexo, also talks about how the company’s digital transformation and its achievement. “We are present in over 1,700 cities and are the largest digital network in India. We offer a closed loop network that you can use at restaurants, or at retailers like Big Bazaar, to buy your food. It’s a proprietary system of digital acceptance that does not use the Visa/ MasterCard network.”

Besides that Sodexo also have a mobile app that employees in major cities can use to manage their payments via QR codes, a bonus is that there is a gift card that can be used wherever the Rupay network is present.

To make this is happening the company was willing enough to pick up expertise from the ecosystem. Zeta, an app that is well designed and extremely user-friendly is now a Sodexo partner. With the help of this app, the consumers can make payments, easily identify outlets, avail discount and many more!

Sodexo is growing its network and has partnered with mSwipe for use at PoS terminals at restaurants, to make it easier for any restaurant to support Sodexo seamlessly.

Some of the companies that have partnered with Sodexo are Zomato, Swiggy, Fresh menu and more. Moreover, Sodexo meal pass card is a pin-based card and requires a specific activation that only the cardholder can perform, which help generate a sense of security, safety, and non-transferability and can easily be used both online and offline outlets. Furthermore, they even have a proprietary acceptance network and chose the outlets where a meal card can be used. In other news, Sodexo also has 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance across 1,700+ cities nationwide!

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