How Building Personal Brand will Help You Land a New Job?

Personal Brand

Being out of work is like being a fish without water. As you lose your job, you start to find a new job. You update your resume on job portals and apply at various companies with the hope that soon you will be shortlisted, and called upon for the interview. With avalanche of applicants suitable for the job position, the HR will choose the best one; the one who has sold themselves outright, the one who has charmed the pants off the interview committee, and the one who has skills to take the business a step forward.

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey – what do they have in common? They are personal brands. They have a message that they want everyone to hear. The same way when you take an interview, you have to leave a mark on interviewers. You have to give a unique message about yourself that reflect your beliefs. Of course, during unemployment your confidence shatters, you feel despondent, your finances get ruined, and you rely on loans for unemployed, but it is not the end of life. If you are looking forward to build a personal brand to land a new job, you should follow these tips:

Update, update, update

Before you apply for a job anywhere, the first thing you should do is to update your resume, cover letter and online portfolio website. Update your achievements, skills and new things you have learnt from your previous employment. Companies take a glance at your cover letter to shortlist candidates with whom they will schedule an interview. Tell a story of what you are. Interviewers look over your profile to know your skills and achievements in detail. They try to figure out how you can fit the vacancy.

Examine your online reputation

Recruiters and interviewers are not only limited to applications to shortlist candidates but also they are also turning to the internet. They will look at your online presence – how profile looks like, whom you are following and who are following you, what kind of activities you do etc. This helps them understand about your opinions and beliefs. Since it is a professional online account, make sure that your profile picture is professional and you have not liked a statement or post that discourages equality among genders. This is a great time to investigate your account to update it.

Take help from a professional

It is not surprising that you feel like everything is finished after during unemployment. Finding a new job while grappling with tight finances seems like a labyrinth. If you have no idea of where and how to start and what to do to stand out among the crowd, you should consult a certified professional resume writer. They will identify your skills and the best part of your work journey. A resume looks more impressive when you mention your skills related to the job you are applying for. Professional resume writers will communicate your talent and achievements with recruiters effectively. Resume is going to talk on your behalf therefore it should be as impressive and communicative as it can be. It is not just the history of your career but a marketing method to sell out yourself outright to the company.

Do not ignore grey areas

No career journey can be perfect. Your resume may have grey areas that might raise the eyebrows of recruiters. The most significant grey area is the time of unemployment. An employer may not believe you if you throw a straight answer that you were laid off. They may suspect that you were terminated. You should prove that you have been productive even during downtime. Of course, your resume speaks volumes about your career journey, so do not forget to mention your knowledge that you expanded during unemployment.

Stay positive and confident

Unemployment can shatter your confidence, but you cannot show the traces of hesitation to recruiters. You have to prepare yourself mentally that you can do and you will do. Try to have a positive attitude that you are suitable for the job you are applying for.   

It will not take a long time to get a new job if you create a personal brand. Focus on your skills and achievements and try to make your resume impressive because it will tell a lot about you.

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