How To Choose The Best Headphone – Buying Guide

The headphone is a device having two pairs of earphones connected by a band placed over the head. But sometimes a headphone is not suitable for every purpose.

People looking for the material of headphones with good sound. and then look at the quality (which is better or suitable for you). In the headphone community, different types of headsets are available with unique design and features. Most people think that expensive headphones are made with good quality and material.

Some tips for choosing a headset-

  1. Firstly, let’s take a look which type of headset you want – earbud or neck-band headphones which is suitable for you? Because earbuds and headphones are the types of hardware that rest types your external auditory canal and typically small and portable.
  2. Purchasing headphones can be disconcerting So, Always remember that what you get and what you pay for a product.
  3. Check the sound frequency. frequency range is measured in hertz by sound vibration.
  4. Before buying, a headphone Check the frequency range of left or right earbuds.
  5. Choose the sound with style. But don’t purchase those headphones with high bass sound. Its dangerous for your ear and may be a cause of your hearing loss.

Things to consider before buying a headphone


Choosing the best model in some of these- Sony(64), Beats, JVC(57), Sennheiser, Skullcandy, JBL(36), JLab Audio(28), JAM(23). Choose that earbuds which comfortable to you. Earbuds come into two versions- IOS and Android. Before choosing to make sure that you select the perfect one. You can also consider AfterShokz Trekz Air if you are a sportsman or do a lot of exercises.


Bose– Bose earphones are costly. But his sound is perfect. Because of long battery life, Bose is always a top quality brand.
JBL– This company is a leading brand used by thousands. They deliver great-sounding headphones at a great price.
Sony– Everyone is aware of this large brand. It has to be a little expensive and creative headphones.
Skullcandy– Skullcandy is also a leading manufacturer of the earphone market. You can purchase this brand with a low budget and connect with your device without any wire because these are the type of wireless headphones and connected with Bluetooth.   

Jabra– Jabra is also a good purchasing product. Because it is manufactured with silicon ear tips which are not harmful to your ear.

Product quality

Every customer wants a good quality of a product. Why do people consider a good brand while purchasing anything? This is because a good brand means trusted quality. Getting the sound right can make all the difference between a boring place and sometimes make enjoyable.

There are mainly two types of headphones available in the market that is wireless headphones and wired headphones. Wired headphones do not have battery life but if you think about wireless headphones it has battery life. because it is connected by Bluetooth.


Some people want a unique design of headphones. Where the decision is all yours. There are different types of headphones are available like- Circumaural Headphones, Supra-aural Headphone, Wired headphones, Wireless headphones etc.


When you try a headphone plz put them in your ear in 5 to 8 min approx. because sometimes you don’t check the headset you buy and after buying and using you realize that is not comfortable in your ear. So that’s why you have to check their comforts.

Sound frequency(Noise cancellation)

Do you know how much sound frequency is in a normal headset? It is between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Noise cancellation feature is the most sought feature while choosing any headphone. But some customers like big bass is the most important where others prefer open, full-range replication that emphasizes overall speed.

There are some other things to consider as well as isolation, comfort, weight, portability, and fit in a device. Always ensure the sound and listening experience is right, because it is the most important thing. It can make all the difference between a boring bus ride and an emotional journey. So, sound quality must be excellent.

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When you’re deciding which headset is better to buy. People get easy to excited by all the features and forget to check that they’re suitable or not with your existing system and your need. So check the connectivity and portability with your device firstly. Always check the connectivity before purchasing headphones. If you buy wireless headphones check the Bluetooth connectivity if it is better then you have to purchase the product.

Types of headphones available in the market-

  • Circumaural headphones:
  • Supra-aural headphones:
  • Open air headphones:
  • Semi-open headphones:
  • Closed or sealed headphones:
  • Studio headphones:
  • Earbuds headphones :
  • Portable headphones:
  • Wireless headphones(With Bluetooth connection):
  • DJ headphones:

You can go with any of them depending upon your choice and use. Hope this headphone buying guide helps you in choosing the best suitable piece for yourself. Thanks for visiting.

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