Is Self Service Move Really Cheaper than Full Service Moving?

Generally professional packers and movers companies provide two option to choose from – 1. Full Service Move, and 2. Self-service Move. Both options are good at its own point of views. Full services provide people peace of mind with full assistance in the whole episode. It saves times and energy. On the other hand self-service move helps people save some money. But in this option people have to do some tasks on their own.

Is self service move really cheaper than full service of packers and movers? It is a big question. It depends on situation. Not always self-service is cheaper. Sometime you may find self-service move is even more costly than of full service. To decide if self service option is the right service for you, you need to determine the time. You will need to determine that how much time you will need to pack and load your belongings onto the truck and how many people you will need to help relocate you.

If you have time and a lot of friends to assist then this option might be the right service for you. But you must weight cost of self-service move against the full service moving. If you will research or examine both options carefully then you will find full service is worth the price, especially if you have lots of large, bulky and awkward items to pack and transfer; or you are limited by time and resources. Remember; in self-service move your belongings is at risk. The mover will not cover the loss. In full service move your belongings are fully protected by comprehensive insurance coverage. If your belongings are damaged then moving company will cover the loss. So; think well which option is best for you.

You must do your home work to decide which option is best and affordable. If you are moving for a short distance then you may go with self-service move. If you are moving for a long distance with lots of household belongings then in my point of view, you should hire full service of professional packers and movers to protect your belongings and transfer them to your new place safely. If you are not sure which option to select, evaluate the options based on expenses, time, effort, tension and how precious your belongings are – the more valuable the goods you will be shifting, the better it is to hire packers and movers in Varanasi to relocate you. Remember, cheaper isn’t necessarily always better.

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