The techno-driven aspects of vessel tracking systems in India

vessel tracking systems

How can the contemporary sources of information technology and vessel tracking systems bring you highly cost effective solutions while boosting up ROI for your returnable vessels? Making use of the Internet and empowered by media like high speed electronic file transfer, RFID technology or Bar Code, an efficient container tracking system can be an encouraging step towards better controlling, recovering and securing vessels during their whole life cycle.

Just opposite to a GPS location based application, the new-age container tracking solution unavoidably includes not only the most recent location of the vessels but also a permanently archived history right from the date and time the vessel was acquired.

While an effective and efficient vessel tracking and recovery system is able to help with both internal and external audit related needs, regulatory compliance and global business requirements, it also drives up the desired cost effectiveness associated with the container fleet. Some of the most salient management related advantages you can expect from this fully automated system used for vessel tracking in India can be had from a focus on event-triggered elision or smart reports.

All this addresses each and every potential trouble areas including stranded vessels, excessive dwell or inordinately vast damage. Another benefit includes the incredible ability to sort or rank the suppliers’ and customers’ locations from “first to worst” in sync with the fleet performance.

The RFID penetration in the contemporary vessel tracking system

Radio-frequency identification is the most contemporary methodology that retrieves the status of a particular container or vessel connected to it. RFID powered tracking solutions can track the target in a fully automatic manner and very efficiently conveys the embedded info to the associated processors. 

Some major components of RFID include the following-

  • The reader reads the tags and attests its presence.
  • The RFID package is equipped with a server and software programme and releases the crucial information instantly to all other applications.
  • RFID antenna, RFID package, RFID tag and RFID reader.
  • RFID tag connected to the item required to be identified and tracked.
  • The antenna detects tags when in range.

In the past 20 years, Indian companies have kept pace with all the latest innovations in the field of container tracking and enable the users to make the most of their solutions. The new-age container tracking not only saving a profuse amount of money but also valued time which used to be a very discouraging experience for the cargo industry in the past. These days, successful container tracking has become just like a breeze due to the presence of technologically advanced solutions that only render flawless results but also come at a very moderate prices. You can explore all such services on the websites of these companies. 

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