Thermal Laminating Films: Features and Utilities

Modern living is making use of a lot of lamination films to bring betterment in the overall quality of life. They are not only utilized in perishable products to keep them fresh and preserve them for longer duration. Lamination is also profusely applied on a large number of non perishable things as well for extra protection.

There are so many types of covering or packaging films in the market which offer totally different features, attributes and advantages. Plastic lamination always offers a great visual appeal while working as a highly protective layer against all odds like moisture, gas, air and so many other disturbing pollutants. The films enclose the products from all types of outer damages.

There are some coated films also offering the following attributes-

A comparative Evaluation-

  • Aqueous dries fast but UV dries faster
  • Aqueous can be glossy but UV is glossier
  • Aqueous offers protection but UV provides more protection

UV coatings are considered to be well suited for:

  • Applications needs the ultimate in gloss and hardness
  • Non-absorbent print surfaces
  • POS displays
  • Spot coating

Some appropriate applications for aqueous coatings include the following:

  • Food packaging (for direct food contact)
  • In-line heat seal blister packaging
  • Primer / seal coating (to enhance gluing or subsequent UV
  • Varnish over conventional inks
  • Items that will be written on (e.g. mailers, postcards, etc.

Indian Thermal Laminating films manufacturers are meeting the ever-growing demands of their global clients by supplying them with global quality packaging films. Jindal Poly is one of the most prominent among them.

Perfect lamination needs high quality laminating machines to bring into effect the wanted protection. Most these machines make use of heat in their process and procedures with layers of films created from polyester resin. High heat and pressure often cause the resin to get melted while spreading over the items or documents as lamination.

Other Thermal lamination products used for lamination include BOPET, BOPP, Metalized, Coated, Medical X-Ray and Digital Print Media Films for a wide range of applications such as Flexible Packaging, Tape & Textile, Lidding, Print Lamination, Industrial, Labels, Overwrap.

In India, various companies bring you complete range of BOPP films ranging right from 07 to 70 microns that include transparent BOPP heat sealable and non heat sealable , Matte film , Pearlised film , Label grade , Opaque film , Release film , Tape and Textile film and Metallise BOPP film with 5 Brukner and 2 Dornier line with current capacity of 251,000 TPA. Indian manufacturers have earned a formidable reputation in the global packaging industry by delivering superb quality packaging solutions to meet diverse needs. You can find and explore the complete range of the products offered by these companies on their websites.

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