Become an Accessory Designer: The Ultimate Career Guide

To start with, let’s understand what an accessory designer do. Accessory designers create, from scratch, an ornament that will bring the whole outfit together. The work may include, but is definitely not limited to shoes, handbags, hats, jewellery and many more fashion items that may not necessarily come under clothing. A piece of advice for everyone would be to choose a specific field early on in your career as later on you can specialise in a particular category and excel in it. Hence, to become a profession accessory designer, the following are the steps you must follow-

1. Learn the Basic fundamentals of Accessory Design

The fashion world is evolving every second of the day and multifaceted, making it necessary for accessory designers aspirants to have a thorough, in-depth knowledge of the industry. An additional skill to have is the ability to skill, cutting and sewing skills and an understanding of the colour theory and if not entirely but a firm grasp of how to use specific editing software. Accessory designers have the privilege of working part-time or full-time, with many leaning towards self-employment and freelance. More than anything having an accessory design degree is completely necessary.

One of the best colleges to learn the art of accessory design is Pearl Academy.  They help students to visualise and create lifestyle accessories and systems right from the very basic to high-end luxury using different materials, processes and technologies. With the global exposure, the main focus of the masses is shifting towards enhancing their lifestyle and therefore an increase is seen in the demand for designers to provide for a person’s lifestyle

2. Make it a point to develop and indulge yourself in new concepts & techniques

There is a belief amongst many artists and industry experts that no outfit is complete without an addition of a few expertly-conceived fashion accessories. With current changes and the evergrowing industry, the sky is the limit, and you can create highly-regarded and sellable designs to complement fashion. After all, your fashion ideology should serve as the underlying purpose behind each project or collection you may present in front of your college or potential clients.

To strengthen your initial thought, getting enrolled in an accessory design course is highly advisable

3. Build a Strong Portfolio

Last but not the lease, to become a successful accessory designer, it is paramount of importance that freshers do their best to build a strong and highly convincing portfolio and that must include your idea of the personal brand, and industry connections. The best way to showcase what you’ve accomplished in the past few years or years to come is to show potential clients and industry experts by building a strong portfolio. Whether you choose to present a digital portfolio, a standard print option, or highlight physical prototype pieces within your portfolio, you are much more likely to get work, sell your items or bag an internship, that is only possible when your portfolio shows the variety and your skill level.

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