Benefits of acquiring proficiency in Python

For a successful career in data science, aspirants must acquire all the necessary skills in data science. In the sea of cutting edge tools we often wonder about which tools are absolutely imperative for data scientists. In the list of all the most important tools Python comes at the forefront. It is not only the most popular programming language for data scientists but also the most preferred package for a variety of data science tasks!

Why is Python so important?

  • Python as a language is very easy to pick up. No data scientist wants to be troubled by unnecessary programming requirements. With a simple Syntax, Python enables data scientists to focus more on important tasks rather than worrying about programming.
  • Dedicated data science libraries in Python are very handy for performing a variety of tasks. For instance, the NumPy Python library allows performing complicated mathematical calculations with ease. Matplotlib another Python library helps to create great visualizations.
  • Working with Pandas is very important for data scientists today. It has multiple data export and import functions which help a lot in data manipulation. Tasks like data merging, reshaping, splitting, aggregating are very easy in pandas.
  • Undertaking deep learning using Python is also possible. The Keras Python library enables data scientists to create deep learning models and it is very helpful for data scientists today.

Thus, Python offers a one-stop solution for data scientists and that is why it is very popular among data scientists. Moreover with a Python training course, in no time you will be performing complicated data science tasks like deep learning using Python!

Benefits of acquiring Python skills in India

India is slowly becoming a data science hub owing to its flourishing digital economy and increasing the implementation of data-driven strategies by business organizations in India. The domestic analytics market in India is around 3 billion USD and is expected to grow exponentially. The Data science domain has also emerged as the top employer in India with companies like Accenture, Flipkart, Deloitte and IBM continuously recruiting skilled data professionals. A data scientist also earns around Rs 1650 hourly in India according to payScale. Hence, it goes without saying that data science is the best career path in India at the moment. However, without the in-demand skills, you will not be able to get the job you deserve. Acquiring Python skills in this regard can be very beneficial in India.

By acquiring Python skills in India you will be able to:

  • Secure a highly paid job.
  • Get employed in industry biggies.
  • Get the position you desire.
  • Undertake challenging data science projects.
  • Grab opportunities from all over the world.

Thus, acquire Python skills today for a great data science career!

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