Education and Franchise

The word franchise is developed from the Anglo –French derivation of franc, which means free. Franchising is based on the concepts of marketing which is often brought into account by an organization as a technique for growth of their business. Franchising has taken control of most of the business we see around us in this modern day world. In a franchise set of business, the business expansion through corporate controlled outlets or “chain stores”. In a franchise model of business, the franchiser licenses its intellectual property and the know-how and the rights to sell it to the franchisee. It holds the characteristics just like any other business that is it is not immune to risk. But if it controlled in a right manner, it can be the best vehicle of success for both the franchiser and franchisee. Franchising is a global activity. There are almost over thirty six countries that control the laws for franchising on their soil with most of them directly or indirectly controlling the franchising process.

Franchisor is entitled to some amount of payment from the franchisee in the business. The payments are made for:

  1. Reimbursements for the services of training and advisory to the franchisee.
  2. Royalty for the use of trademark
  3. Certain percentage of individual business unit’s sales.

Franchise is the mutual agreement between a franchisor and franchisee and just like any other agreement, this too is settled for a certain time period and serves a certain geographical; territory.

The education system in India is also under the franchise mechanism but eventually helps to serve the sole motive of growth of education system. The top educational franchise in India can be split into three individual categories depending upon their sizes. The first group belongs to the established franchisors who have more than 100 franchises in the country. With these one can understand their scale of operations. The second group belongs to the set of franchisors who have more than 20 franchises in the country and are emerging. The third group belongs to the set of franchisors which have less than 10 franchises in the country. They are considered to be baby franchisors.

All of the franchisors have the sole aim of increasing their business or the centers of education by opening chain centers. Top school franchise in India includes:

  1. Eurokids- Eurokids is a playschool for kids that help in the transition process of kid from home to school in a smooth manner. The warm and nurturing environment help these buds change into beautiful flower under the supervision of the best teachers.
  2. NIIT- NIIT is an Indian Multinational company that allows the opportunity to learn management and training and delivery solution of various institutions and management companies.
  3. Kidzee- Kidzee is another famous playschool franchise in India that also helps in providing the best environment for growing up of kids and all around development of them.
  4. Educomp- Educomp is another educational franchise with its main office in India. It was established in the year 1994.

These are some of the top franchise centers in India.

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