The Future Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the steaming hot topic of today as it manages to leave people awe-struck about the inexplicable progress science has made so far. For those of you who do not know. Artificial Intelligence revolves around machinery stimulating human intelligence.

It is fundamentally a branch of science where machines exhibit some of the facets of human intelligence, such as learning, self-correction along with reasoning. And, believe it or not, it is one of the fastest moving fields that is touching several aspects of our lives which we aren’t even aware of. AI is anticipated to grab a space in a myriad of industries, so its future is bright as the sun.

Artificial Intelligence Future Trends

•    AI’s Pervasion in Science

The biggest use of Artificial Intelligence is evidently in the realm of science. AI robots like Sophia have been all over the news lately showing the extent to which technology can pervade our life. In many cases, it can prove to be supremely beneficial for humankind. For instance, the latest invention, ‘Eve’, a robot built at the universities Cambridge, Manchester, and Aberystwyth, has identified an ingredient found in toothpaste that can do wonders in curing Malaria.

And, ‘Eve’ is just one example of the marvels that AI is capable of producing. It is just a fragment of what Artificial Intelligence can perform in the coming years. It is not merely a mode of scientific progress but is capable of creating science.

The industry that discovers drugs in infusing AI into its automation and showing significant results of growth. Moreover, it has also become immensely valuable for the domain of synthetic biology whereby microorganisms are manufactured as well as designed for industrial uses. Therefore, science shall evolve to a lot many steeper levels with consistent support from Artificial Intelligence.

•    Cyber Security

The area of cybersecurity can go under a phase of renovation if it maintains a constant touch with AI. The incidents of hacking have escalated over the years that can be minimized to an exorbitant extent through the unique methods of Artificial Intelligence.

The menace of credit card fraud can go down at a significant speed. Regardless of the detection techniques prevalent in the tech world, there is no highly-effective way to curb the hacking activities. However, with the novel methods produced by AI, such as Recurrent Neural Networks, fraudulence can be detected in the initial stage itself. The fraud detection system shall be capable of scanning limitless transactions instantly along with predicting them. RNN shall save time as it pays attention to cases whereby there is an immense probability for trickery.

•    Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence future trends rotate around its usage in Data Analysis. It shall have the potential to pinpoint patterns in data in a better manner than humans. And, this shall enable businesses to focus on the right consumers for their product. An incredibly great example of this can be the latest association between Fluid and IBM.

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