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Christian Movies Online Free

Today, there are only a few good movies left which are worth watching. However, Christian movies have always been on the top when it comes to storytelling, emotions, and preaching values. Now, thanks to numerous streaming services, one can watch Christian movies for free. The following points recommend free Christian movies one must watch:


This must be on your bucket list, as it is too good to be ignored. The movies revolves around four law enforcement officers and their pledge to protect and serve the people. Although they are able to handle their duties well, fatherhood is something which they all find challenging. The movie teacher family values, character, integrity, and staying together no matter what happens


In this movie, a fire captain who is dedicated to saving lives while being in a life-threatening situation faces the challenge to save his marriage. His relationship with his wife becomes rocky, which brings them to the brink of divorce. The movie shows how understanding between two partners should be, and teaches a thing or two about commitment to your partner.

War room

Do not be misled by the title which has the word ‘war’ in it. The presence of the word refers to the struggles of a person’s life, and how to overcome them against all odds. The protagonist is a faithful person, and trusts God to be his divine help in life. The movie is both romantic and emotional, taking the viewers through a roller coaster ride.

Facing the giants

This is known as one of the most inspiring Christian movies ever. The story revolves around a football coach who leads his team to victory despite facing overwhelming odds. Action and emotions are both packed wisely in this movie, which makes it suitable for all kinds of audiences. Memorable scenes will definitely make you reach for the tissues, and at the end you will be full of motivation to be the best in your life.

The case for Christ

Based on a true story and a best-selling book with the same name, the movie is going to strengthen your faith on God. It teaches a lot of lessons, which is why it is recommended for children also. Shown from the perspective of a religious person, it shows how to protect your faith even at the most testing of times. A lot of well-known personalities have lauded the movie, and everybody will enjoy this narrative.


This is another motivational movie which is supposed to pump you up and increase your faith. The story is about the rising of Christ from the tomb and his next journey from a gentile to his godly conversion. It teachers how the almighty came when all hope was lost when the stone was rolled, and how the lord showed the right path. The movie also shows what the Apostles and the Roman General felt after knowing the truth of Jesus.

The Passion of Christ

This is the closest one can get to experiencing Christ’s life experiences. It must be mentioned that some might find it hard to watch, which is why it is definitely not recommended for young viewers. However, the scale which the movie reaches signifies the director’s vision and the hard work of the whole cast and crew.

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