5 Best Self Help Pain Relief Tips for Piles

best treatments for bleeding piles

If you are having trouble sitting down or maintaining a posture because of your hemorrhoids and are looking for a way to deal with the situation, there are some ways in which you can shrink down your hemorrhoids. There may be situations in which you may notice your hemorrhoids to be bleeding but not causing you any pain but you may experience the pain when they have prolapsed out of the anal canal. This usually happens when you are sitting on the pot or your hemorrhoids become enlarged. When the blood clots in the anal canal the hemorrhoids in the canal or protruding out can become extremely painful.

Having a basic understanding of the problem is one of the first steps to the process of healing. The various ways in which you experience the pain will help you explain the problem better to your doctor. It will also help you to diagnose the problem before you start to heal the problem using home remedies.  Some of the ways in which you can deal with your hemorrhoids at your home include:

  1. Baths: While this may seem quite a simple solution, it actually goes deeper than your usual morning ritual. T0 be able to deal with the pain properly, you have to sit in warm water for a period of at least 15 minutes. Doing this is one of the best treatments for bleeding piles. You will have to repeat the process several times in a day so that the circulation of the blood in the hemorrhoids can increase and jumpstart the healing process. You can get the bowl in which you can soak your hemorrhoids at your local pharmacist. It can be fitted over your toilet seat and you can repeat the process right after your bowel movements.

  2. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is yet another ingredient that is readily available at all homes. There are many herbs which have medicinal properties. Aloe Vera in particular is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can go a long way to slow down the inflammation of the hemorrhoids, even stop it sometimes. While there may not be any scientific research to link Aloe Vera to bleeding piles, it is a proven fact that it helps with inflammations. However, doctors always suggest using pure Aloe Vera and not include any other ingredients that are usually present in mass-manufactured creams.

  3. Epsom salts and Glycerin:This mixture of ingredients is not quite popular among the bleeding piles treatment at home. However, it is a very effective way in which you can take care of the bleeding piles. All you have to do is mix up the ingredients in a bowl and then apply it to the effected part. To make up the compound, you have to add the ingredients in equal proportions and then place the mixture on a gauze pad. Apply the pad to the affected area and then leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the process multiple times in a day until you feel the pain ease away.

  4. Ice Packs: When you have inflamed and bleeding hemorrhoids, you will always read about the extreme temperatures that slow down the inflammation of the hemorrhoids. While warm water may be the best treatment for bleeding piles, using ice packs is yet another option which you can explore. This will help to reduce the circulation of the blood in the capillaries around the affected area.

  5. OTC Products: There are many over the counter medicines that are available in the market to help you deal with the pain of the bleeding piles. These can include either pain pills or topical creams which you can apply to get relief. However, you should always consult your proctologist before you start to take a pill or apply a cream since there can be some side effects which can harm you more than it can heal.

Using the above mentioned ways, you can get temporary relief from your bleeding hemorrhoids. All of them can be done right in the comfort of your home and without any high risks. However, if you are in a persistent pain due to your bleeding piles, you should always opt for consultation from your proctologist and get the treatment that is recommended.

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