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Regardless of how busy a lifestyle you have, fitness and health cannot be ignored. DIY Active is a platform that offers adequate resources along with a 6-week program, so that you can actually start a healthy lifestyle from scratch. In association with DIY Active, we bring tips for a longer life.

Never miss your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it should be packed with the nutrients. You can consider something as simple as multigrain bread with poached eggs or yoghurt with berries and fruits. To add in extra nutrition, add a serving of fruit, which can be anything seasonal.

Exercise the way you like

There is no point of starting a lifestyle that you cannot follow in the long run, and diet alone is never enough. To maintain healthy body weight, you need exercise in the regimen. Your exercise regimen should be something you can enjoy. If you don’t like weight training, go for functional training or HIIT. In case you don’t enjoy running on the treadmill, go for a walk in the park.

Include the super foods

For a long and healthy life, you need super foods. Super foods are called so because these pack in all the essential nutrients or at least a few of them with no side effects. From berries to matcha tea and wheatgrass powder, there are a whole range of foods that can be considered, and in a healthy diet, this should be a norm on a daily basis.

More fruits and veggies, less carbs and controlled protein

Back a few decades, most meals had a huge amount of simple carbohydrates. Back then, humans were more into physical activities. These days, we do desk-manning jobs and don’t need as many carbs. Protein is great, but you also would want to limit the same to what the body needs. Instead, pack in more fruits, veggies in the diet that are a good source of all the vitamins and minerals and can be consumed in abundance.

Hydration is everything

Water is life, and quite literally. It is impossible to think of healthy living if you don’t think of hydration. You need at least three liters of water each day at the basic level, and it should be a continuous thing throughout the day instead of having it all at once. Hydration can be more than just water, but if you want to taste something better, herbal teas can be a good inclusion.

Challenge yourself

Diet and exercise can be boring in no time, and it is important to challenge your body once in a while. It is also like challenging the mind because your body is tricked into doing something that it doesn’t understand. For example, skip the dinner for a week or add 15 minutes more to the workout regime. For a long and healthy life, DIY active offers a whole set of free resources with new posts coming up each day. You can also try their 6-week fit program, which promises to get away with stubborn fat.

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