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Birthdays are special, regardless of someone’s age, and you can never have a birthday celebration without a cake. More often than not, designing a cake for someone’s birthday is confusing because you are not really sure of what to order. In this post, we are discussing eight handmade birthday cake ideas in association with Butter Believe It, which specializes in baking the best cakes London.

  1. Choco chip cookie cake!

Cookie cakes are flavoursome, and adding some choco chips to the mix only takes the flavours to the next level. Cookie cakes need to be baked to perfection, and it is more than important that you place an order in advance. Bakeries that accept order cake online London delivery expect to also know the kind of toppings you want, but we recommend things simple.

  • Classic baked cheesecake

To be fair, cheesecakes are more like desserts and are not considered to be a traditional choice when it comes to birthdays. However, the whole beauty of a cheesecake lies in the way it is presented and baked, and while there are flavoured variants, nothing really beats the classic cheesecake.

  • Disney princess cake

If you want to order delicious cakes London for the birthday of your loved girl, a Disney themed idea should work wonders. Disney princess cakes are not new to be honest, but when handmade and baked by professionals, the cakes pack in both flavour and external appeal.

  • Lion King Inspired cake

Talk of a family movie that has inspired maximum people in the last two decades, Lion King will top the list. Lion King Cakes, with a simple lion face, are a great choice for birthdays in general. You can actually get awesome ideas online.

  • Tiered cake

When you have too many people for your birthday, a two or even three-tier cake is a great idea, and yes, it can be handmade in the style and flavour of your choice. Butter Believe It brings tasty cakes London for birthdays, and they have created awesome tiered designs.

  • Donut cake

How about a birthday cake that resembles a donut? If you are thinking of ordering a cake that’s cute to look at and is super tasty with a flavour of your choice, donut cake should fit the bill. Donut cakes can be designed creatively, and a chocolate touch on the surface works great.

  • The classic heart cake

If you are celebrating the birthday of your beloved, a classic handmade heart-shaped cake should fit the bill. You can choose to get it in red or any colour and flavour of your choice. Something like a blueberry or red velvet flavour should work.

  • Lego cakes

For kids, Lego-inspired cakes are just perfect. You can choose to get cute birthday cakes that are designed from the idea, and yes, the experts of Butter Believe It can customize it for the special day of your little one.

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