How to be Environmentally Conscious even with your Footwear

Environmentally Conscious even with your Footwear

I sometimes wonder what happens to the footwear that gets thrown out once they have reached the end of their life cycle. Do they sit in the garbage pile and pollute our mother Earth or are they in some manner reusable. When buying any footwear our focus is on whether they are stylish, feel good on the feet, durable and cost worthy. But how would you feel if I were to tell you that now you can have branded sandals for womens that fit all of the above mentioned criteria and allow you to be environmentally prudent too in the form of polyurethanes or PU.

Polyurethane is a polymer or synthetic resin. Although essentially a chemical, PU is a vegetable-based plastic that is made as a by-product of the plant oil manufacturing process and thus almost negates the chemical hazards associated with chemical manufacturing. This also makes PU biodegradable and so it will not sit in the landfill polluting for generations to come and gives you top marks for sustainability.

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PU leather also avoids any sort of animal cruelty and biogas production from rearing livestock for making leather. And all of this by not trading on any count towards upholding your aesthetic sense and grandeur of style when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of best sandals for womens wear. Also by completely slaying the whole regime of animal rearing, feeding, veterinary costs and then harvesting, curing leather, etc. the costs are at their bare minimum but give the look and feel of genuine leather.

PU also makes a beeline to your heart by being a durable material that has impressive strength, is water resistant, is easily coloured with any kind of desired colours and is scratch-proof. Our designers transform these durable and flexible faux leather into your heart’s desire with a huge range of branded sandals for women to wear to a party or on a daily basis depending upon your requirements and needs. Did I mention that its mesh-like structure ensures that your feet stay sweat-free even in the warmest weather.

Make sure to check out our latest designs and patterns for the best sandals for womens wear that will cost you less by a ton but put you in league with many of the international brands available. We can guarantee that you will find our sandals outlast and outlive pure leather sandals from any international brand at a fraction of the cost and also propelling you to be the talk of the town.

With its water resistant properties and strength better than a normal leather shoe you can use them for daily use as well for any weekend getaways in the tough rocky mountains or to the mellow beaches. And the lack of weight of PU will help you enjoy much more without tiring you easily. Although scratch proof, it is not dust proof but a happy dunking in some water and a little shake can help you easily clean it up and make it ready for another reunion with old friends wearing the best of your footwear that looks and feels brand new.

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