3 Automotive Trends That Will Impact Cybersecurity in 2019

Impact Cybersecurity in 2019

Personal Computing has taken over our lives entirely, and we solely depend on them. Lives without computers in today’s time seem impossible as every device has its motherboard which gives it computing power.

With time all home appliances have become smart which means that they are connected to the internet 24*7 and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Modern-day vehicles also have advances ECUs (Electronic Control Units) and a computer module connected to it which gives the owner the access to control the car from anywhere.

The connected car market share is bound to reach 380 billion by 2020. With the growth and development in the connected car sector, it is evident that the risks involved in the internet-connected automotive can be a reason for the people to stop investing in this sphere. They have become very vulnerable to cyber-attacks which is why vehicle cybersecurity has become an essential aspect of connected cars.

One of the largest global players in the automotive cyber security sector is HARMAN Connected Services. The company has devised HARMAN Shield to ensure which is a scalable solution for automotive cybersecurity.
Below are the features that have proven to improve car safety in 2019:

1.    Keep Your Car’s Software Updated – It is crucial for owners to keep their car’s software updated as it keeps your car safe from vulnerabilities. Not updating the car on time can lead in to compromising your car’s software and lead to the stealing of your personal information and the vehicle itself.

Now car owners do not have to face any hassle in updating their car as over the air updates are the norm now, and the software can be updated securely just with an internet connection. Updating your car’s software regularly can enhance automotive security.

2.    Connect Only Trusted Devices – Your car is nothing different from a computer, the difference is that the function of the computer in a car is a bit different than your conventional computer which is it is important to be careful while connecting any device.

You see connecting any unknown device can lead to malware and viruses in your car’s system, this leads to the system being compromised.

3.    Use 3rd Party Company’s Software – Many companies have started providing car cyber security software for cars, this is due to the rise in the number of cars which are always connected to the internet and are a part of the IoT ecosystem.

Companies like Harman have their systems like Security Shield which helps in protecting the cars from cyber-attacks. These companies have their own data analytics centres which collect data of cyber-attacks at the earliest to secure the car under their radar.

Another benefit of these 3rd party systems is that they have their protocols on which they operate which enhances the connected car cybersecurity as their protocols are very hard to breach. Data analytics centres of these companies play another role as they collect data if any car’s systems are compromised which makes sure that the other cars do not suffer from the same fate.

It is important to keep your cars safe from cyber-attacks, cars are the second costliest thing a person buys after a house, your lives also depend on them as cars are now a necessity which is why we cannot afford to lose them. Every person should get some vehicle cyber-security in this era of IoTs where everything is connected to each other as it is a very crucial aspect of an IoT.

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