Android Application Development companies in India


The most popular and used operating system is Android and many people are using Android smartphones. One of the main factors for this greatest revolution in the mobile industry is the mobile application that can be installed in mobile phones easily. If you imagine how this mobile application works, they are developed by means of mobile application developers. The Android application development India is the greatest place as they help in developing many applications. There are many companies that develop the Android application for multiple companies and businesses.

The android application development process

Every Android application development India Company follows a certain process to develop a completed application product. Following are the processes involved in developing an android application.

  • Building concept: The mobile application has its own purpose like a shopping application, song listening or downloading application, and book reading the application and so on. The concept must be thoroughly explained to the developers and they will take care of the same thereafter. It is the beginning process and it must be made clear to the developers who are going to develop the mobile android application for the company.
  • Assessment: The next step in developing the application process is an assessment. It includes feasibility testing that helps the developers to know whether the concept of the android app is technically feasible. In order to achieve this, they access the public data by means of public Application Program Interface (API). This process can lead the developers to develop an entirely different idea for android application creation.
  • Design: The next step is designing the assessed product. Two types of designers are involved in this process. They are UX User Experience designers and UI user interface, designer. The former designer designs the application elements and the latter will build the persona of the application. The process involves many steps that produce clear directions and extracts the finished product.
  • Development: After designing the product they are developed by android application development India companies. The development usually involves the application of required hardware and software to get the finished product.
  • Testing: This is the next crucial step as the developed product should be tested. The testing is usually carried out by the employees of the same company. They check their working depending on the client’s requirement. The security checks, compatibility, performance, and interface are checked in this process. If there is anything that needs to be rectified, then they are returned to the process mentioned before to make corrections.
  • Distribution: The final step is the deployment of the finished mobile application to the operating system. It is where you can easily download the application from the play store. According to the client company, this gets released and is provided for the users to use.

These are the important processes involved in making an application. The Android application development India companies do this entire process with the help of top developers. The money invested by the customer must be worthy by delivering the quality application as per client’s standards and requirements.

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